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I l l u s t r a t i o n   s e r v i c e

                                                                       YOU'VE GOT A SWEET PICTURE BOOK IDEA
And I can't wait to purchase the lovely children's picture book I illustrate for you!

                                                                                  FREE CONSULTATION VIA ZOOM
So get to contacting me for a free 30-minute consultation.  I'll help you organize your thoughts, figure out a storyboard, characters, backgrounds and fee scale.

You can get an idea of my art style on Creative Fabrica here and see my Amazon author page/book shelf here.

                                                                                  YOUR FIRST BOOK SALE IS ME
Don't hesitate - your first customer - ME - is waiting!

                                                              HOW TO PREPARE FOR THE FREE ZOOM SESSION
Now - to make the most out of your free 30 minutes, come to a scheduled Zoom session armed with:
                                         1)   A solid story line
                                        2)   A rough storyboard - pencil scribble or full blown Canva presentation
                                        3)   All the reference art gathered and organized in your mind.

That's all!  We can make your exquisite children's picture book happen together and sooner rather than later.

                                                                                               COST ESTIMATES
Of course you want an idea of cost!

$20.00 USD/hr. approximately
$200.00 USD produces 6-8 characters depending on complexity NOT including spread backgrounds
One character pose = $40.00
Half spread (one side of 2-page spread) = $85.00
Full 2-page spread = $135.00
Front cover design using an interior illustration = $60.00
Custom cover wrap front and back = $150.00

Deposit required up front.

                                                                        HOME BOSS PICTURE BOOK COURSE
If you are working with Nuria's course, I strongly advise - to mitigate costs - that you design your own backgrounds with Creative Fabrica's immense resource or resource of your choice.

Why?  Because it's FUN and CHALLENGES you, perhaps uncomfortably at first yet the accomplishment is out-of-this-world uplifting.  We can talk more about that in consultation.

I hope this info helps - contact me - YOUR FIRST BOOK CUSTOMER!


Thanks for submitting!

If you have any questions or want to contact us, feel free to send us a message 

Publisher : ScribaDoodle Press


Stillwater, MN, USA

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