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Camo swirl.jpg
Camo the Chameleon with Chrystal
This is your page where you can come and see the latest flip book update as page completion increases.  With each update, a new URL link will be provided here and in email as well.

Latest link will be here:  ***

At the end of this project, you'll be provided with:
*  The PDFs to upload to KDP for publishing or wherever you desire
*  These PDFs include one for the cover front and back and one for the entire interior
*  Interior to include copyright page / dedication (if desired) / front matter / story / author page / back matter
*  JPGs of each half-page spread
*  A non-legalese license/certificate of ownership/exclusive rights to the graphics provided


At the outset of this project, on April 17, 2023, USA Central Time (Chicago), it appears we have 11-1/2 page spreads - the half page is the author page, would be easy to add another half for back matter = 12 page spreads

12 page spreads at $135.00 USD per spread = $1620.00 USD 

I would like to offer the cover at no additional cost since you did a magnificent job of organizing the project; however, this offer is dependent upon smooth going and very, very few tweaks of any of the spreads.

Would you be so kind as to make an initial $500.00 deposit for the first 4 page spreads using the PayPal link below.

Here is the next $500.00 installment PayPal link for the second set of 4 page spreads.

Here is the last $620.00 (approximate until project complete ) installment PayPal link for the last set of 4 page spreads.


Publisher : ScribaDoodle Press


Stillwater, MN, USA

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